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Full Version: 05NOV22 - Wargame Exercise
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05NOV22 - Wargame Exercise
Saturday - 1900 hrs UTC+0

The modpack for this event is the Red Devils v22b modpack.


After landing in enemy territory and infiltrating into Campbeltown to destroy German cargo vessels, the entire peninsula is on alert. The SS garrison has been retaliating against civilians in the streets, though through these acts we have located their HQ from which the Panzer Grenadiers make camp. Any further actions we take would likely lead to further war crimes.

• This will be a continuing exercise that will change based on our actions.
• We will begin by gliding into the area and setting up a small base of operations.
• From here we will need to accomplish objectives, determined by the Platoon Commander on priority.

• Destroy cargo vessels containing supplies (3/4).
• Subdue SS Garrison located in their castle fort.
• Eliminate AAA Defenses within Campbeltown.
• Capture/Destroy radar installation at the mouth of Kildalloig Bay.
• Destroy Coastal defense guns lining Kildalloig Bay.
• Thin out the coastal defenders based in Glenramskill

•  Sink German Destroyer

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You are expected to attend events. Any comments regarding your attendance can be left as a reply on this post or as a PM to your Element Commander.
Will not be participating on this day as I am visiting my parents.

Good luck to everyone on the Wargame Exercise!