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M. Standish's Signature
Sgt. M. Standish, BEM
Platoon Sergeant
No. 4 Platoon, B Company

M. Standish' awards.
05-09-2021 at 05:35 AM Africa Star
Africa Star Awarded to Red Devils Members for participating in operations in the African theatre during Operation COMPASS.
03-28-2021 at 11:28 PM British Empire Medal
British Empire Medal Sergeant M. Standish exemplifies everything that we hope for from a member of the Red Devils. Since joining in July of 2019, he’s served the Red Devils in various capacities. This list includes Gunner in No.3 Anti-Tank Section, Section 2IC of No.2 Machine Gun Section, Gun Group Commander in No.2 Section, Section 2IC of No.3 Section, Section Commander of No.4 Section, and finally now Platoon Sergeant of No.5 Platoon. While a Gunner with the AT section, he helped develop the documentation and policies that today’s gunners still use. As a junior NCO, he was instrumental in pouring enthusiasm and energy into the role of recruiter, interviewer and teacher during recruit module training. As a senior NCO, he’s been observed many times mentoring, guiding and helping the next generation of leaders within the Red Devils and many of our current NCO corps can well remember him as their teacher on their NCO training. It must also be noted that Sergeant Standish is a loyal member of the unit that always has time to lend an ear to listen to the troubles of other members, and advise them when they ask for it. He spends much of his free time helping Staff with various issues, but he doesn’t mind and when asked will always say “I serve the Red Devils.” His level of dedication and service to the Red Devils is above and beyond what we expect from our membership, and for that I recommend him be awarded the BRITISH EMPIRE MEDAL.
03-28-2021 at 11:23 PM Mentioned In Despatches
Mentioned In Despatches Sgt. M. Standish is recommended for commendation due to him going above and beyond the duties of both the Section Sergeant Major and Troop Sergeant Major throughout the Operation Claymore Campaign. He consistently ensured the orders and information stated by his superiors were passed to any and all relevant parties in a hasty manner as well as managing any prisoners of war taken in the field. Whilst this is what is expected of someone in these roles, M. Standish particularly excelled in the field of battle during the Lofoten PVP where he recurringly and selflessly traversed the battlefield to distribute battle orders and manage the sub-sections within his section whilst under constant marksman fire, taking hits several times and being patched up to then do it all over again. His actions here combined with his courage contributed massively to the success of the PVP due to him keeping information and orders flowing in such a chaotic environment.
11-22-2020 at 11:13 PM Italy Star
Italy Star Awarded to Red Devils Members for participating in operations in the Italian campaign.
03-24-2020 at 10:36 PM War Medal
War Medal Awarded to Red Devils Members for achieving 2-3 Months with 60% activity for all mandatory events and at least one Player versus Player operation attended.
03-03-2020 at 03:37 AM 1939-1945 Star
1939-1945 Star For participating in the Dieppe Campaign.
03-03-2020 at 03:08 AM France and Germany Star
France and Germany Star For participating in the Ardennes Campaign.