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Community Update No.11 - B. Horner - 03-30-2020

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Community Update No.11

30MAR20 1815 hrs UTC+0

Hello all! We have had a lot of people join us recently and in light of the current epidemic then we anticipate a few more to come our way. I'd like to request that people keep any jokes around this subject to a minimum as there may be members with friends or family affected by this outbreak. 

The last community update was in January and since then we've finished our Ardennes operation, won two PvPs, and had three module IIIs - we've been pretty busy! Moving forward we have an Okinawa operation coming up that will last 4-5 weeks. The 4th and 5th of April will be dedicated to familiarisation with USMC equipment and also some new roles - not only new roles in terms of USMC organisation but also people will be able to switch around roles and try new roles during these events. I implore aspiring leaders to step up the challenge. During this time of Okinawa, we will continue our regular British Airborne events on the other days where there will be some normality with our sessions. 

I request that all new NCOs reach out to myself to organise careers advisor and JNCO training so we can get you up to speed.

We have officially filled all open roles within Red Devils apart from two roles within B Company HQ, one role within No.4 Platoon HQ, and two pilot slots - all these slots are available for applications. We are now opening No.4 Platoon, No.4 Section. This new section will require NCOs before people begin to get placed in so please get your applications in following the usual path through "Enlisted Careers" on the forums ( If anyone has any questions about an application please get in contact.

The overall plan for expansion in the future is to build up to at least three and a half active and full sections before opening up No.5 Platoon. Two sections from No.4 Platoon will likely be moved straight over - in their completeness - to the new platoon. Both platoons will then run with two sections until further expansion in the future.

For the NCOs: let's aim to get sections to their peak performance in the coming months. Ensure personnel are relaying all callouts, are familiar with all formations, and are competent with section-level tactics. We're in really good shape right now and I want to raise the bar again.

Thank you all for making Red Devils what it is and let's continue to push our limits.