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No.5 Platoon Announcement - B. Horner - 04-11-2020

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No.5 Platoon Announcement

11APR20 0250 hrs UTC+1

Red Devils is growing at an increased rate. This is somewhat due to the current pandemic and people returning from ELOA or from their retirement, however, we also experienced this growth before the pandemic. Despite only just closing Weapons Platoon down in order to centralise our forces we now find ourselves in a position where we will need to expand again. We want to ensure that any changes we make are not done in haste and have been well thought out; I also want to be transparent with any changes that may happen.

Our current plan is to build up to four sections within No.4 Platoon. These sections should be full and should be stable with all members being active. Once we have achieved this and can form a new platoon HQ, No.5 Platoon will be created. With this new platoon, two sections from No.4 Platoon will be - in their entirety - transferred over to No.5 Platoon. After this change, we will operate two infantry platoons each with a platoon HQ and two infantry sections. No.3 Section for each platoon will be introduced as required.

When this change does happen, many personnel will be moving around, and some may be changing roles. With this, please either make applications for any roles you have interest in, or register your interest with Horner via PM ( ). The roles in mind here are NCO positions and platoon HQ positions.

Many possibilities were thought through and many meetings have been held in order to decide which element was best to open. A second infantry platoon that mirrors No.4 Platoon was deemed the best option:
  • no special roles in one platoon over the other
  • keeps the core focus on light infantry
  • ensures no complications are made requiring gliders or special weapons
  • ensures no personnel have hopes for equipment/roles they may not get to operate
Opening another platoon is a big step and is risky, however, I am confident we can remain stable with enough members to run both platoons at the same time. However, necessary steps will be prepared to ensure we remain fully effective should our full potential not be reached with a second platoon where restructuring would have to occur.

No.5 Platoon will require a new Platoon Commander and possibly also a new Platoon Sergeant. Applications for both of these roles are now open. You can view how to apply here ( ). If you apply for one of these roles please be aware the bar is set very high and we will take great consideration to who we choose. If you apply for Platoon Commander please also state whether or not Platoon Sergeant is something you would also be happy with.

If you have any questions, queries, concerns, or comments please get in touch.

Ready for Anything.

RE: No.5 Platoon Announcement - J. Sax - 04-13-2020