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Poll: Will you be attending MODULE III on SATURDAY 28FEB20?
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28MAR20 - Recruit Evaluation Module III

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28MAR20 - Recruit Evaluation Module III
Saturday - 1900 hrs UTC+0

The modpack for this event is the Red Devils v16a modpack.


Module III evaluation for recruits. If you are a recruit and have not completed modules I and II please organise to get this done BEFORE this event.

The recruits will be tested on what they have learnt and will be expected to perform at the top of their game. 

We will operate a Platoon structure with a normal command HQ. Recruits will fall in under one of the sections. 

The mission will begin with a jump - everyone will have to find their way to the RV.

Recruits should aim to show off what they have learnt during their training, and anything else they have knowledge of (e.g. more advanced tactics, ACE medicals, etc) where they are able to. 

There will be an enemy player force present during the session to provide a realistic and challenging environment.

  • The session should play more like a normal event.
  • There now is the possibility for more enemy players.
  • A normal platoon HQ will command the allied team.
  • Recruits (as per usual) will still be given the option to section command if they would like to do so.
  • There will only be two objectives.
  • Time limit on planning stage.
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Please respond to the poll to indicate your attendance. Any comments regarding you attendance can be left as a reply or as a PM to your Section Commander.

If the poll is closed before you respond, reply to this thread with your indicated attendance.
Capt. B. Horner
Company Commander
B Company, 2nd Battalion


Taking a little break to catch up on homework


I might be late but I should hopefully be there, I finish work at 1700 GMT but with everything going on I can't promise anything.
Corporal M. Patterson
Section Commander
No. 4 Platoon, 2 Section

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