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Poll: Will you be attending Ceremony & Exercise on Saturday 27FEB21?
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51 91.07%
5 8.93%
Total 56 vote(s) 100%
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27FEB21 - Ceremony & Exercise

(This post was last modified: 02-22-2021, 10:34 PM by D. Thire.)

27FEB21 - Ceremony & Exercise
Saturday - 1900 hrs UTC+0

The modpack for this event is the new Red Devils WW2 v19a.

Recruits will find out if they have passed Module IV at the beginning of session during the ceremony.

We will then be preparing for Operation Claymore to start on the following day.

What song would you like to hear on the pipes?

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Please respond to the poll to indicate your attendance. Any comments regarding your attendance can be left as a reply or as a PM to your Section Commander.

If the poll is closed before you respond, reply to this thread with your indicated attendance.

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Capt. D. Thire
Company Commander
B Company, 2nd Battalion


Placed down a 'no' due to work. but will try to make it.

Lance Corporal M. Shardonia
No.5 Platoon, Anti-Tank Rifleman
No.5 Platoon, B Company



I might be a half-hour late, got Dinner with the inlaws.
-wish me luck-
Tá Iain O'Keefe ag teacht thar sáile!


(02-23-2021, 01:45 PM)I. O\Keefe Wrote: I might be a half-hour late, got Dinner with the inlaws.
-wish me luck-

Good luck.
Lt. T. Barker
Platoon Commander
No. 5 Platoon


Yes (if I can wake up)


Yes, sorry for the late reply


attending, apologies for late reply

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