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Poll: Will you be attending Operation Compass No.6 on Sunday 02MAY21?
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55 93.22%
No - Post Reply/PM
4 6.78%
Total 59 vote(s) 100%
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02MAY21 - Operation Compass No.6

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02MAY21 - Operation Compass No.6
Sunday - 1900 hrs UTC+1

The modpack for this event is the Red Devils v20a modpack.


Operation Compass was the first large British military operation of the Western Desert Campaign during the Second World War. British, Indian, Commonwealth and Allied forces attacked Italian forces of the 10th Army in western Egypt and Cyrenaica, the eastern province of Libya, from December 1940 to February 1941.

"We hoped he would try and advance to the neighbourhood of Matruh, as we had prepared a full-dress country-stroke with all our armour. We worked this out on the ground, and I was greatly disappointed that he never came far enough to put it into execution." - Major General Richard O'Connor on his disappointment of the Italian 10th Army's inability to push further into Egypt.



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Please respond to the poll to indicate your attendance. Any comments regarding you attendance can be left as a reply or as a PM to your Section Commander.

If the poll is closed before you respond, reply to this thread with your indicated attendance.
Capt. D. Thire
Company Commander
B Company, 2nd Battalion


I am at work till 20:00




Spending Easter with parents away




Apologies, I can’t attend due to a personal matter.

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