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Show us your Warface! (Introductions)


Not sure iof there is a need, or already one of these threads, But anyways. A thread to introduce yourself

I'll start with myself, IGN Roland, IRL Nøkleby. I've got a few years of Arma under my belt, but apart form that I have a history form the Norwegian youth-Homeguard. I'm studying history and work as a historian for a games development company. Attached is a picture of me from last haloween.

[Image: hgp1gfG.png]


You beautiful human being, Roland.

I am Richard and I am a second year BSc Hons Computer Science student in the UK. I have the most beautiful and lovely girlfriend in the world who is a Norwegian goddess and I'm surprised she puts up with my crap on a daily basis.

I have been playing ArmA for about 10 years now after I bought a copy of OFP: Cold War Crisis at a car boot sale when I was 14 and sat in the editor shooting down Mi-24s with no clue what I was supposed to be doing.

[Image: 19030555_1899659056939806_18912145787766...e=5B87FC98]
(I am the one on the left)

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Hi fellas!

I am Kenneth (IRL) or as known in-game Kenneth Smith. I am 24 (nearly 25) years old and currently studying Electromechanical Engineering but am a former air force officer of the Belgian Army. Aside from that I have been playing baseball for the last 21 years aside from a break during my enlistment and have always had a passion for gaming leaving just enough time for my girlfriend Wink . My first games were Medal of Honor: Allied Assault and the Call of duty series as I was extremely passionate about the whole World War 2 time frame, especially the European theater of war. That is probably the reason why I have so many books regarding that subject...

[Image: 1489272_10151899141624094_1986493789_n.j...e=5B7D6ED1][Image: 1656399_10152040657494094_1372997995_n.j...e=5B817017][Image: 16807329_10154533878714094_5372054101877...e=5B8CBC27]

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Yes Lads, names Ryan

IRL - Cadet in the army and study engineering Smile

[Image: fe5QTFH.jpg]

A/LCpl. Leakey
1 Section 2IC
No.4 Platoon, B Company

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What kinda engineering Leakey ? studied Fab and Weld myself, dabbled in some electrical but tig welding just was my thing.

Ello chaps

I am Connor but all me mates call me Carrick as you know me in game haha. I am 22 (23 in September ) years old and currently work as an Engineer (ha!) but while thats my job description id say I'm mainly a CNC operator that tig welds like a god(for images search weld porn and my welds aint far from that.). Aside from that I have been bang into my mountain bikes for a few years now and love going to gigs id list off some of the bands but we would be here all week. My first games were super Mario, rayman and spyro when i got into gaming but quickly got onto the call of duty and battlefield series as well as Operation flash point, I am extremely passionate about the whole World War 2 time frame, and actually play Flames of war a table top war game [currently building a guards armoured tank company] I'm also looking into getting into WW2 Airsoft as a part time hobby its something I'm weighing up. 

[Image: 4oVzY1N.jpg]

Lt. C. Carrick
Section Commander
No. 10 Section, D Troop


I know this thread is a lil' dead, however I may as well become a part of the history that is the Red Devils.

I'm currently 19, turning 20 in August.
I reside in the UK, Colchester to be more precise.
I am currently in the property industry, being fortunate enough to run my own estate agency office.
My real name is Ollie Findlay, feel free to hmu on Facebook.
My online persona is usually Wolfster. I am currently transitioning over to Ollie being that's my real name.
The roleplay name I use for the RD is G. Gordon. A name I have been fond of for a while in roleplay clans.

Here's a cheeky pic of me.

[Image: 52694924_2383582055196940_75526229640725...e=5EBECDDA]

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