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23SEP23 - Bogus

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23SEP23 - Bogus
Saturday - 1900 hrs UTC+1

The modpack for this event is the Red Devils v23b modpack.


This a-historical event will follow the 8th Australian Division during the invasion of Singapore, F1942.

[*]The Japanese invaders are believed to be weak and highly disorganised, their supply chains strained thin.
[*]Small groups of infantry have pushed far ahead of their battalions, leaving gaps in their lines.
[*]No enemy armour and artillery is yet able to traverse the mountainous terrain, leaving their infantry unsupported.
[*]The enemy has captured a few height points as well as the commanding ground of MISSION RIDGE.
[*]It is believed that the enemy is quite exhausted in their blitz and will be slow to counter-attack.

(i) B Coy, will cut off the overextended enemy held up at the BORIDI CROSSING, once dealt with, should provide a clear route to our previously held positions.
(ii) B Coy will hold MISSION RIDGE, allowing further reinforcements to press onwards.
(iii) B Coy will rest awaiting the order to push the enemy back into the sea.

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You are expected to attend events. Any comments regarding your attendance can be left as a reply on this post or as a PM to your Element Commander.
Sgt. D. Thire
Platoon Sergeant
No.4 Platoon, B Coy

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