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Form submission: WO1-D-4 Recruit Application Form


A1 - I (the applicant) confirm that I have read, understand and agree to follow all rules and regulations set out by the Red Devils ArmA 3 Community where they are reasonable and fair: Yes

B1 - What name would you like to be known as in our community?: M. Foser

B2 - What is your Steam Community URL?: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198843368548/

B3 - Why do you wish to join the Red Devils?: It seems cool, I always wanted to do WW2, Wanted to switch it up and try a british unit. You guys seem pretty big.

B4 - What are your goals for yourself in our community?: I mean I dont have that big of goals as I like being a grunt but I mean just to add another good member to the community really.


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Dear M. Foser,

Thank you for applying to join our community.

You have been invited to attend an interview on our private server. The modpack can be found in an .html file sent to you in your direct messages. Whilst discord is preferred for day-to-day communication, we use Teamspeak 3 for events and the interview on the server.

Sgt. D. Thire
1 Section Commander
No.4 Platoon, B Coy

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