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Full Version: Application Guide (READ BEFORE APPLYING)
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Application Guide
In order to make an application first check the following:

  1. You have read all of the information on the splash page -
  2. You have read all of the rules and requirements -
  3. You have registered on this forum with your name in the format of "X. XXXXX" e.g. "J. Bloggs" or "J. Doe". If you have already registered with an incorrectly formatted name get in touch with a SNCO who can amend this for you.
  4. You have read the Rifleman's job description below.
You may then go to the Careers Office and Apply to Join section of the forum and click on the "Post Thread" button. Fill out the form truthfully and put some effort into the application.

We will not process any application where the applicant has clearly made little to no effort to introduce themselves. Simply writing "I want to shoot stuff", "Joining because of a mate", "Wanting to have fun" will not do, please consider writing at least two sentences at a minimum. This is your chance to introduce yourselves, make a lasting impression.

This is the basic job description for any member within Red Devils:
Quote:Appointment: Rifleman
Reports to: Section Commander, Section 2IC
Rank: Private
Potential for Promotion: Senior Rifleman (Lance Corporal)

  • Completion of all basic airborne training modules.
  • Attendance average of at least 60% to be maintained throughout.
Summary of Position:
A rifleman, armed with a rifle or possibly a SMG, is one of the core members of the entire community. As a rifleman you will be part of the main fighting force within the group and will see the most action within events. You could be tasked in a close-quarters role or totally opposite to a stand-off role. You will operate in a section of up to 9 other people - taking orders from your commanders and completing them to the best of your ability. You could be tasked with demolitions, overwatch, or clearing duties. For the most diverse gameplay and abundance of roles rifleman is the way to go.

Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Carry out tasks assigned to you by your Section Commander.
  • Manage your own attendance posts for events.
  • Report any problems you find with anything or anyone up the chain of command.
  • Follow all of the rules and regulations which govern you in the group.
  • Adhere to policy and procedures set out by Red Devils.
  • Effective usage of equipment according to SOPs
  • Development and implementation of skills learned
This role is the role applied for when joining Red Devils.

Last Revision: 04JUL22
Inspecting Officer: 2Lt. J. Salter