We are a WW2 Arma 3 community based on the 1st Airborne Division, specifically the 1st Parachute Brigade, 2nd Battalion. We pride ourselves on being historically accurate and providing our members with an authentic simulation experience.

Our focus is on playing highly realistic PvP events but these only come every few weeks; the rest of the time we play PvE (against AI) events.

We'll be taking part in historic battles that range from the start of the war to the end.

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B Company

This company is the main fighting force of the group - featuring the largest section sizes and the most action. The company aims to train our members to the high standard of elite paratroopers.

Personnel within B Company can be tasked with a wide variety of tasks including being a main assault force, a stand-off maneuver element, or a specialised anti-tank section, to name a few examples.

Soldiers within the company have a few options for the role they will take including being part of the Bren team, being a rifleman, and various leadership positions. Further positions include a marksman, wireless operator, runner, or AT rifleman.

Support Company

There are two platoons within S Company which both offer many more roles to members.

Firstly there is the Weapons Platoon - featuring 3-inch mortar, medium machine-gun, and AT gun sections, the Weapons platoon really can bring the firepower to a firefight.

Secondly there is the Assault Platoon who are combat engineers. This platoon is trained in explosives, raiding, and close quarters combat.

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16th (Parachute) Field Ambulance

Attached to B Company HQ are the 16th (Parachute) Field Ambulance, 4 Section. These are the medics of the group who aim to keep everyone in fighting shape.

The medics train the entire group on the ACE Advanced Medical system. Being a medic is a popular route to go down and is often highly contested - there's only a limited number of slots!

No.74 Squadron, Royal Air Force

We also have No.74 "Tiger" Squadron RAF who aid the Company with transport, close air support, air superiority, reconnassiance, and logisitics.

More detail on No.74 Squadron to be added soon...

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Gameplay Style

Our aim at Red Devils is to provide a historically accurate, enjoyable, and authentic experience; to do this we have multiple systems in place.

You can expect our organisation and structure to be historically accurate, backed by multiple sources and hours of research. This often includes limited equipment and no radios at section level.

First person is fixed, there is no crosshair, and you'll find very minimal HUD throughout your entire experience.

Many of the modifications that we use will offer extended functionality to the Arma 3 platform including: advanced weapon ballistics, suppression effects, weapon handling, intelligent AI, an advanced medical system, and an integrated 3D voice communications system.

Terminology will be correct for the country and time period - a 'wedge' formation does not exist, radios are called a wireless, and Lieutenant is pronounced 'Left-tenant'.

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Important Information

Our official events are held on Saturdays and Sundays at 1900 UK time.
You must be aged 16 or over.
You must have a legal and working copy of Arma 3 installed.
You must have means for communication via VOIP.

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Get Involved!

Applying to join Red Devils is your first step into becoming a member of our community and taking part in our operations. You can find out more information on our forums linked below.
You can also locate the forums by clicking on the menu icon in the top right.

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