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CSgt. D. Thire

Colour Sergeant

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Sgt. D. Thire
Platoon Sergeant
No.4 Platoon, B Coy

D. Thire' awards.
03-28-2024 at 10:42 PM Military Medal
Military Medal There was no reason specified.
11-07-2021 at 12:55 AM Defence Medal
Defence Medal Awarded to Red Devils Members for achieving 3 years of service with the Red Devils.
05-09-2021 at 05:37 AM Africa Star
Africa Star Awarded to Red Devils Members for participating in operations in the African theatre during Operation COMPASS.
10-04-2020 at 06:54 PM British Empire Medal
British Empire Medal D. Thire is a longstanding and well respected member of the Red Devils community. From his earliest days he joined the Red Devils as a way of participating and giving back while he was concurrently running a Star Wars group elsewhere. He never let the two passions collide, and he was quick to offer help and guidance to our leadership with his experience running his own unit. As a Private within No.1 Section, he was often seen giving guidance and advice to junior members and teaching them how to move and fight. His keen eyes were relied on by leadership at all levels and he long desired to open up a recce unit within Red Devils. He nearly got the chance when he moved up to Company Runner, but circumstances prevented that when B. Horner retired as leader of the unit. Sensing the need for a stable and reliable leader, the other staff leaders approached and asked him to take up the role as Company Second-in-Command, basically de facto leading the unit in Horner’s absence. He graciously accepted and immediately integrated himself into the staff’s plans for the future. Now, with a few months under his belt as Company 2IC he has overseen the re-development of the recruit module system, overhauled awards and medals, streamlined the staff voting process, ran several midweek recruit courses and successfully managed to organize a PvP with the Brothers in Arms community despite several setbacks and issues on their end. On top of this, Thire has been busy in the backend of the server and mission files, ensuring everything is ready each weekend. The Red Devils are lucky to have Thire on their team and leading from the front, while supporting all our members to succeed. He is an inspiration to all our members, and for his actions we have selected him to be awarded the BRITISH EMPIRE MEDAL.
03-03-2020 at 03:34 AM 1939-1945 Star
1939-1945 Star For participating in the Dieppe Campaign.
03-03-2020 at 03:00 AM France and Germany Star
France and Germany Star For participating in the Ardennes Campaign.
08-10-2019 at 11:23 PM Pacific Star
Pacific Star For participating in the Singapore Campaign.
08-10-2019 at 11:08 PM War Medal (Mentioned In Despatches)
War Medal (Mentioned In Despatches) For actions in the Singapore campaign.
12-13-2018 at 11:30 PM Italy Star
Italy Star Awarded to Red Devils Members for participating in operations in the Italian campaign.