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Red Devils is keen to work with other units and groups. Not only do we wish to promote the PvP scene within Arma 3 WW2 but also PvE scenarios too; we often approach units with the aim of building relations in order to create a network of contacts who can all enjoy Arma 3 together.

A list of units that we work with enough to call affiliates can be found on this page. Note that not all groups we work with are listed, as we only list communities that we have enough knowledge and experience with to vouch for.

Are you interested in working with us? Please contact any NCO or Officer to initiate initial conversation between our groups. Our policy is to have details such as the mission and modpack confirmed no later than one week prior to the event, and such effort should be made from all parties involved to ensure this happens.

5th Guards
Cavalry Division
Allies (SOV) - WW2

Our relationship with 5-GV.KD started through the Mersa Matruh PvP where they played on the Axis team. We've since worked with them, this time both playing as Axis, in a prisoner raid scenario against the 7th Armoured Division. Our events together have largely been with other groups involved but moving forward we intend to have events more exclusively between the two groups.

From their website: "At the time of our forming, the WW2 ArmA 3 community had little to no Soviet realism units." ... "Soviet units are a hard thing to portray correctly, but with knowledge in both the Russian language and history we had the right tools for the job." ... "What started as a small side project during the summer quickly turned larger in scale with more people showing interest and in late 2018 we could open the doors to what is likely the most accurate WW2 Russian experience you could get in ArmA 3."


Our collaboration with the 7th Armoured Division involved inter-group trainings on our specialialities. Our groups also fight together and against one another in PvP scenarios. In the past they have joined us for our missions in the "Battle of Singapore" operation.

From their Reddit post: "The 7th Armoured Division is a British WW2 Milsim unit. The Rifle Brigade is based on a motorised halftrack platoon, the backbone of a rifle company." ... "Members take part in a campaign that follows the exploits of the real Desert Rats through the deserts of Africa, the mountains of Italy, the hedgerows of France, and the battered ruins of Germany." ... "Structure is important to us, but our goal is to create a camaraderie between our members rather than a rigid command structure."


7th Armoured Division
Allies (UK) - WW2

23. Panzer Division
Axis (GER) - WW2

We work with the 23. Panzer Division to provide unique TvT scenarios - where both teams are well versed in their chosen specialisations. The two groups compliment each other well and offer training to the other in tactics and vocabulary.

As stated by the 23rd: "We’re a collection of like minded individuals who strive to virtually reenact and recreate combat operations of the Wehrmacht in World War 2. We take pride in our historical accuracy, and aim to offer the most authentic realism experience to someone who wishes to join our ranks. As well as realistic combat, we structure and operate our group as Wehrmacht units would have been historically. This encompasses ranks, tactics, tactical commands, radio procedures, uniforms, medals, weaponry, and most importantly camaraderie."


Guards Armoured Division

From their Discord: "Guards Armoured Division is a World War II serious milsim unit focused on the wartime British division of the same name. Currently, there are two main branches to pick from - Motor Infantry and Armour. Each has a set of different roles within. Besides British army, our operations may often set us in a completely different setting with another faction being represented in them. Unique, non-WW2 settings may also be explored in form of Bonus operations on a different day from our regular ops."


Guards Armoured Division
Allies (UK) - WW2

3/5 Marines
Allies (US) - Vietnam/Cold War

3/5 Marines

From their website: "We are a professional realism unit/virtual reenactment unit for Arma 3. We portray India Company, 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines and their combat operations during the Vietnam War as well as World War Two and the Korean War. With several unit members currently serving in the Marine Corps or having served in the Marine Corps in the past as well as years of research and experience dedicated to reenacting Marines in the Vietnam War, we aim to provide the most accurate, realistic, and professional portrayal of the Infantry Marine during the Vietnam War primarily but also WWII to Korea."



From their Website: "L’Organisation Francophone de Combats Réalistes sur ArmA is a 1901 law association created in 2007 on Arma. Its purpose is to recreate the most realistic and immersive gaming atmosphere that Arma can provide. The objective is to put the player in the conditions as close as possible to those he would meet on a real theater of operation. We regularly organize public PvP games as well as numerous private events and campaigns."



Lion Gaming

Lion Gaming

From their website: "The Lion gaming community is a community full of determination and desire to grow! We offer our game servers for prize tournaments, Clan fights or simply "Gamespace" for group play. We are constantly looking for people who want to exercise their passions to create a group that really Roars!"


Formed in August 2018, 2ND BN ROYAL ANGLIAN REGIMENT emulates the battalion of the same name.

From their Website: "The poachers are combat infantrymen, taking part in both light protected mobility and light infantry roles. We are the backbone of the military. Formed in 2018 2 R ANG draws on years if knowledge from its members, allowing us to provide a High-quality, immersive experience working with British army SOPS. Experience our PHASE 1 as a recruit then dive into the role of a combat infantryman. Take part in reconnaissance patrols and gather vital intelligence, conduct assaults on settlements putting our FIBUA training to the test or set up ambush of an armoured column. There'll never be a dull moment."


(UK) - Modern