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J. Bear

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J. Bear' awards.
05-09-2021 at 05:37 AM Africa Star
Africa Star Awarded to Red Devils Members for participating in operations in the African theatre during Operation COMPASS.
03-09-2021 at 07:57 AM France and Germany Star
France and Germany Star For participating in the Juno Campaign.
01-31-2021 at 03:00 AM War Medal (Mentioned In Despatches)
War Medal (Mentioned In Despatches) On the 15th of August 2020, during the course of Operation Biting, Private J. Bear at risk of being shot on multiple occasions, solely kept NELSON group in the fight by medically aiding nearly all members of the group to keep them operational and did not allow any casualties taken that could be saved to develop into fatalities which directly enabled NELSON to retake the initiative after stealth was lost beyond initial contact and in doing so directly supported the efforts of the whole Operation by moving to retake BEACH FORT, GUARDHOUSE, REDOUBT, LONE HOUSE and HENRY (Würzburg Radar). He also moved to assist in engagements by directly controlling the fire of machine guns onto targets that could be spotted threatening the evacuation and completion of the Operation. Without the efforts of Private J. Bear surely the operation would have gone significantly worse for NELSON and would have led to the death of several of its members.
11-22-2020 at 11:11 PM Italy Star
Italy Star Awarded to Red Devils Members for participating in operations in the Italian campaign.
11-18-2019 at 09:23 PM 1939-1945 Star
1939-1945 Star For participating in the Dieppe Campaign.