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Form submission: WO1-D-4 Recruit Application Form


A1 - You are aged 16 or over: Yes

A2 - You have a legal and working copy of Arma 3 installed: Yes

A3 - You have means for communication via VOIP: Yes

B1 - What name would you like to be known as in our community?: L.Biggart

B2 - What is your Steam Community URL?: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198216562608/

B3 - Why do you wish to join the Red Devils?: I am a former member who was offered to reenlist at new year. I am joining now because I saw a youtube video of the unit and it reminded of all the fun I had with them.

B4 - What are your goals for yourself in our community?: One of my long term ambitions in the unit is to try my hand at becoming an NCO as I am already one within the Army Cadet Force. However, this is a long term as I find section level coordination in arma 3 disorientating.

My short term ambition is to provide an extra man to bolster your numbers.

C1 - I (the applicant) confirm that I have read, understand and agree to follow all rules and regulations set out by the Red Devils ArmA 3 Community where they are reasonable and fair: Yes

C2 - I (the applicant) confirm that I have answered all of the above questions correctly to the best of my knowledge: Yes



Dear H.Biggart,

Thank you for applying to join our community.

You have been sent a private message with further information. Please read and reply to this in good time.

Whilst Teamspeak 3 is our preferred and main method of communication we also use Discord - find us here www.reddevilsarma.org/discord .

Pte. S.Sharpe
No.2 AT
No.5 Platoon HQ, B Company

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