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Community Update No.12


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Community Update No.12
06JUL20 1830 hrs UTC+1

It's been a good while since the last community update so I'd first like to welcome any new faces that have joined recently: Welcome! 

We've seen rapid growth and expansion recently which has, unfortunately, led to a slight decrease in training quality. This is something we are rectifying within the coming weeks. The plan is to get every section up to a good standard before continuing on - hammering in the British doctrine and WW2 ideas.

Despite our expansion into a completely new platoon we have nearly filled all of our available slots. Likely in the next ceremony we will be opening No.5 Platoon, No.6 Section and this will require three new NCOs fill positions. I urge anyone who wishes for a position to apply ( http://reddevilsarma.org/forumdisplay.php?fid=67 ) for the position. I remind you all that applications must have substance - check your English, formatting, punctuation. Applications shouldn't be short and shouldn't be a single paragraph - explain your points in-depth. Additionally, applications should include any other roles you may be interested - for example, if you applied to be a Platoon Commander you may also want to include in your application that you would be happy with Platoon Sergeant too. If you do not include other roles you would also like/be happy with in your application, you will not be considered for them. Feel free to apply for roles that are already taken as you likely are not aware of changes that are to occur - people may ELOA, step down, be demoted, etc.

Whilst we have three pilots now we are interested in filling one more pilot slot. If this interests you then please send in an application. Also, two additional medical slots have opened up and are available for applications.

If, for whatever reason, you need to raise a complaint about anyone please file this complaint to the Platoon Commander (Lt. N. Barden or 2Lt. T. Barker) of the individual, or myself (Company Commander) for anyone not assigned in a Platoon. Should you wish to complain about me, please forward the complaint onto WO2. M. Cera. This goes with the reminder of everyone of our rules. Not all too long ago we stamped out some comments that were being made by individuals and we want to ensure the positive atmosphere that we promote isn't ruined by a few.

By the same token as above, should you feel someone is worthy of a commendation please also forward these to the above forementioned personnel. Even if the commendation doesn't result in an award it does let us within the staff team know of the person's actions - helpful for promotions and other recommendations.

NCOs are reminded to ensure that you take control of YOUR section and to ensure you're pushing all of your section member's limits. We've come leaps and bounds in the speed in which we prepare ourselves and we're looking to sustain this going forward. I'd like NCOs to try and help better each other by giving constructive feedback and to also assist in building up new and future NCOs - the staff team can only do so much.
Maj. B. Horner
Former Company Commander
B Company, 2nd Battalion

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