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Poll: Will you be attending Merderet River No.1 on SATURDAY 25JUL20?
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45 80.36%
11 19.64%
Total 56 vote(s) 100%
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25JUL20 - Merderet River No.1


25JUL20 - Merderet River No.1
Saturday - 1900 hrs UTC+1

*The modpack for this event is using the new Red Devils v18 modpack.


The town of Chef-du-Pont holds a vital bridge crossing over the Merderet River, claiming said bridge will allow our armor assests to proceed through Normandy.

B Company will drop SE from Chef-du-Pont and maneuver to capture the crossing.

We can expect a Company-sized force defending the bridge with possible armored assests and static defenses in support.

In addition, intelligence has reports of a ranking Nazi general passing through the area.

  • Re-insertion will be by para-drop
  • AA defenses will be present
  • Capture (if possible) or eliminate the enemy commander.
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Please respond to the poll to indicate your attendance. Any comments regarding you attendance can be left as a reply or as a PM to your Section Commander.

If the poll is closed before you respond, reply to this thread with your indicated attendance.

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2Lt. D. Thire
Company 2iC
B Company, 2nd Battalion


Might show up situation unknow set as no (jic)


Might not be able to attend as I have to help install a water heater tomorrow, put no just in case
Sergeant M. Patterson
Platoon Sergeant
No. 4 Platoon, B Coy


Missed the vote but it will be a Yes

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