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DISCHARGED  Form submission: WO1-D-4 Recruit Application Form

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A1 - You are aged 16 or over: Yes

A2 - You have a legal and working copy of Arma 3 installed: Yes

A3 - You have means for communication via VOIP: Yes

B1 - What name would you like to be known as in our community?: K. Ryker

B2 - What is your Steam Community URL?: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198868663671/

B3 - Why do you wish to join the Red Devils?: I wish to join the Red Devils because I want to become part of the British Armed Forces in the future and because I want to join a well structured group

B4 - What are your goals for yourself in our community?: My goal is to attend and be the best soldier there is

C1 - I (the applicant) confirm that I have read, understand and agree to follow all rules and regulations set out by the Red Devils ArmA 3 Community where they are reasonable and fair: Yes

C2 - I (the applicant) confirm that I have answered all of the above questions correctly to the best of my knowledge: Yes


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Hello K. Ryker,

Your application has been set to PENDING. This has been done because your response to B2 is in an incorrect format. Please visit https://steamid.io/, and follow the steps to find the required ID.

Please amend these issues, reply “Post amended” to this thread, and your application will be moderated again.

If you have any questions then feel free to ask.

Hello K. Ryker,

Thank you for applying to join our community.

You have been sent a private message with further information. Please read and reply to this in good time.

Whilst Teamspeak 3 is our preferred and main method of communication we also use Discord - find us here www.reddevilsarma.org/discord .
Sgt. M. Standish
Platoon Sergeant
No. 5 Platoon, B Company


Member has asked to be removed until able to play at later date.
Lt. T. Barker
Platoon Commander
No. 5 Platoon

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