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Awards and Promotions No.51

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Awards and Promotions No.51


The following personnel have been removed from the group:

R. Mullins     E. Rickert     L. Conway     M. Smith     E. Wellington
Did not make it past the recruit phase.

The following personnel have been retired from the group:

C. Hamilton
has joined the RAF and will be playing games far less often, we wish him good luck.

M. Evans
will be moving to Asia and won't be able to attend our event times.

The following personnel have been moved to the Holding Company:

M. Bush     J. Sauls     W. Cassidy     M. Allermann


[Image: %5d%5d]

Recruit J. Thomas has been promoted to Private

Role Changes

Private E. Ball has been moved to 1 Section as No.2 Bren.

Lance Bombardier B. Horsman has been moved to No.3 Gun Anti Tank as Second in Command.

Private T. Fisher has been moved to 3 Section as Rifleman.

Sergeant D. Thire has been moved to No.4 Platoon HQ as Platoon Sergeant.


[Image: vqhQlOG.png]
Private R. Muller has received his first Overseas Service Chevron for six months of service with Red Devils.

[Image: eKRyixr.png]
Private N. Bond has received his second Overseas Service Chevron for twelve months of service with Red Devils.

[Image: hRH4NT7.png]
Private E. Ball has received his fourth Overseas Service Chevron for twenty-four months of service with Red Devils.

[Image: K9PNLYa.png]
Private N. Bond has received his first Good Conduct Stripe for great attitude and dedication to Red Devils.

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