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30JUL23 - Tonga

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30JUL23 - Tonga
Sunday - 1900 hrs UTC+1

The modpack for this event is the Red Devils v23b modpack.


This historical event will follow the 6th Airborne Division during the invasion of France, 1944.

[*]Silence the Guns at the Merville Gun Battery, believed to be a major component in the 716th Infantry Division's beach defensives, and a server threat to the invasion force.
[*]Destruction of Four 150mm Guns overlooking an vital invasion beach.
[*]Liberation and defence of the village of La Plein.

(i) 9th Parachute Battalion will drop at D.Z. 'V'
(ii) Approach the Battery undetected and lay charges to blow through the wire perimeter.
(iii) After the Guns are destroyed leave the battery as quickly as possible and make your way if practicable to the secondary objective or move to the E.R.V. and await 1st Commando Brigade.
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You are expected to attend events. Any comments regarding your attendance can be left as a reply on this post or as a PM to your Element Commander.
Sgt. D. Thire
Platoon Sergeant
No.4 Platoon, B Coy

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