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2019 Ending Comments


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2019 Ending Comments

02JAN20 2345 hrs UTC+0

We have had an amazing year in 2019 - we've had many come and unfortunately some go. In 2020 I want us to push our limits further, expanding in size and capacity.

We've shown that as a group we are extremely strong and can punch well above our manpower. We have custom assets within game, historically accurate missions down to some fine details, and a great sense of camaraderie. I believe we are offering the best British WW2 experience in the Arma 3 scene and even when compared against other games such as Post Scriptum. This is something that I want to continue and improve going through 2020.

Our missions team is growing and this will allow us to create more detailed scenarios and will help spread the load of the work. We have a plan on the operation strings in 2020 and are already being worked on. Our NCO team is based on solid foundations and we continue to expand on this as time goes on. Every member is trained to a high standard and everyone continues to perform at this level.

Some issues that were present within the questionnaire that people filled out will be rectified and action taken to ensure we fix some of these minor points. The review was overwhelming positive - both of the systems we have in place and also the personnel within the group.

Moving into 2020, Company HQ will aim to ensure backend work is completed such as administration standard operation procedures, service records, and new training material gets completed. I request that Platoon HQs aim to ensure personnel continue their training before our deployment to the Ardennes. Platoons should concentrate on Platoon level tactics, in both offensive and defensive manners, before our deployment. Section NCOs should begin to try and take more control over their sections and should aim to be more responsible for their members - help out your Platoon Commanders as much as possible. Individuals should ensure they are signing up to events and turning up to events on time. Whenever possible help your NCOs out by taking your own initiative in setting up, reporting on ammunition status, watching and organising arcs of fire, etc. 

Ready for Anything.
Capt. B. Horner
Company Commander
B Company, 2nd Battalion

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