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  D-Day Commemorative Event
Posted by: R. Steel - 05-13-2018, 01:11 PM - Replies (7)

To: All company personnel and valued guests
From: Lieutenant Steel

[Image: dday74-shield.png]

As many of you may (and should) know, it is just under one month until the 74th anniversary of D-Day and the overall invasion of Normandy on the 6th of June.

Preparations are well under way for a commemorative event (or events, plural, pending a meeting to be held soon) to be held close to this date (likely to be after the 6th due to exams) and we are looking to you to provide the finishing touches.

What I ask of you is to provide me with any suggestions for anything whether they are strategic level ideas all the way to small details inside rooms of buildings for us to consider for this event(s).

Please either contact me directly or leave a reply here with any ideas you may have. 

You can expect a full warning order in the coming weeks.

Although the 1st Airborne Division wasn't officially involved in the invasion of Normandy due to their Operation Market Garden commitments, all efforts will be taken to ensure that the involvement we portray makes sense historically although some slight adaptations may need to be made.

Image source: http://www.dday73.events/images/dday74-shield.png

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  Personnel Update: Promotions
Posted by: R. Steel - 05-06-2018, 10:48 PM - No Replies


After a number of successful applications, four new NCO appointments have been granted. 

[Image: SCE22Bp.png]

Sergeant Horner appointed Platoon Sergeant, No.4 Platoon, Baker Company.

[Image: mUNpUph.png]

Acting Corporal Carrick appointed Section Commander, 2 Section, No.4 Platoon, Baker Company.

Corporal Barden appointed Section Commander, 1 Section, No.4 Platoon, Baker Company.

[Image: PGfii1g.png]

Acting Lance Corporal Leakey appointed Section Second in Command, 1 Section, No.4 Platoon, Baker Company.


Due to previous experience, Barden will be promoted Corporal.

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  Community Update
Posted by: R. Steel - 04-30-2018, 02:31 PM - No Replies

Due to the growth experienced in our community, it has been made possible to open up NCO positions to a few new members. 

A 2IC position has become available in 1 Section under Corporal Horner.

You can read the job description and application instructions for this JNCO position here:


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  Personnel Update: Promotions
Posted by: R. Steel - 04-27-2018, 11:50 PM - No Replies


After completion of their basic airborne training under the instruction of myself, recruits Gustas and Menendez has been promoted to the rank of Private (OR-1).

[Image: PL6XNF4.jpg]

Pte. Gustas
Pte. Menendez


Qualification on the ranges not yet complete. Will need to be completed at some point.

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  Personnel Update: Promotions
Posted by: R. Steel - 04-19-2018, 06:35 PM - No Replies


Following a successful re-enlistment into our community, Barden has been promoted to the rank of Private (OR-1).

[Image: PL6XNF4.jpg]

Pte. Barden


Due to a massive amount of experience within our community in the past, it has been decided that Barden will not need to re-sit recruit training.

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