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  2018 Community Review
Posted by: B. Horner - 12-15-2018, 12:57 AM - No Replies

This year has been extremely good with the growth of the group and how far we have come.

However, we are still growing, we are still learning, and we are always developing.

We try to involve everyone as much as possible, offering the ability for everyone to have a voice - be it with side events, trainings, and whether a recruit passing their evaluation or not.

I want to further this involvement by utilising a questionnaire about this year. 

The form is extensive and I would estimate 5-10 minutes to complete, depending on how opinionated you are.

Please make all and any comments that you wish to make, as all suggestions are appreciated. We can only grow as a group if people help facilitate this change - and the first step of this is making yourself heard. 

Please find the form below. Be warned: You can only fill out the form ONCE, so ensure you don't miss anything. I recommend looking at the form, then coming back in a day or two to complete it, in order for you to consider and have time to think over all of the questions.

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  Awards and Promotions (Following Operation Fustian)
Posted by: B. Horner - 12-09-2018, 07:24 PM - No Replies

Following Operation Fustian...

The following promotions have been made:

[Image: %5d%5d.jpg]   [Image: %5d%5d%5d.png]

Recruit M. Cera has been promoted to Private.
Private M. Cera has been promoted to Acting Lance Corporal.

As the highest rank in 2 Section and after a successful application, A/LCpl. M. Cera will be assuming command of the section.

[Image: %5d%5d%5d.png]

Trooper F. Stangenberger has been promoted to Acting Lance Corporal.

[Image: %5d%5d%5d.png]

Private C. Thorpe has been promoted to Acting Lance Corporal.

[Image: %5d%5d%5d%5d.png]

Private R. Mac has been promoted to Acting Corporal.

This promotion comes with the role of Medical NCO.

[Image: raf%5d%5d%5d%5d%5d.png]

Lance Corporal G. Gustas has been promoted to Acting Sergeant (RAF).

This comes with A/Sgt. G. Gustas (RAF) moving to No.74 Squadron RAF.

[Image: %5d%5d%5d%5d%5d.png]

Corporal M. Patterson has been promoted to Acting Sergeant.

[Image: %5d%5d%5d%5d%5d%5d%5d%5d%5d%5d.png]

Sergeant C. Carrick has been promoted to Second Lieutenant.

[Image: Ribbon_-_War_Medal.png]

The following personnel have been awarded the WAR MEDAL:

A/LCpl. F. Stangenberger

Pte. J. Ross

Pte. M. Bogey

Tpr. E. Filkins

[Image: Ribbon_-_1939-45_Star.png]

The following personnel have been awarded the 1939-1945 STAR:

A/LCpl. C. Thorpe

A/Cpl. R. Mac

A/Sgt. G. Gustas (RAF)

Sgt. N. Barden

2Lt. C. Carrick

2Lt. B. Horner

[Image: Ribbon_-_Italy_Star.png]

The following personnel have been awarded the ITALY STAR:

Rct. K. Kissing

 Rct. G. Gordon

Pte. L. Phillips

Pte. D. Thire

Pte. J. Ross

Pte. M. Bogey

Tpr. E. Filkins

Tpr. J. Weaver

Tpr. K. Menendez

A/LCpl. M. Cera

A/LCpl. F. Stangenberger

A/LCpl. C. Thorpe

A/LCpl. C. Chandler

A/Cpl. R. Mac

A/Sgt. G. Gustas (RAF)

A/Sgt. M. Patterson

Sgt. N. Barden

2Lt. C. Carrick

2Lt. B. Horner

In addition the following changes have been made:

Inactive members have been removed:



The following members have changed roles:

Pte. E. Filkins [16thPFA], Medic --> Tpr. E. Filkins [A/6thAARR], Tank Crewman

Pte. K. Menendez [B/2/1stAB], PIAT Rifleman -->Tpr. K. Menendez [A/6thAARR], Tank Crewman

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  Organisational Change
Posted by: B. Horner - 12-03-2018, 10:34 PM - No Replies

Following recent information from primary sources, despite our initial concerns, we are changing the organisation of No.4 Platoon in the following ways:

1. Section strength will go from 10 down to 9.

2. Section commanders have the possibility to gain the rank of Sergeant.

3. The 2IC, a Corporal, will be apart of the rifle group. A Lance Corporal will continue to command the gun group.
     a. this splits the rifle group into two teams.
     b. this allows for more promotions to occur.

4. The Wireless Operator is being renamed to Batman.
     NB We initially decided to change the name to Wireless Operator due to my reluctance to have a batman - just out of principle. However, following all of the changes we have done in order to become more historically accurate, we felt it was needed to also change the role to the correct name.

5. Naming convention of riflemen will be changed to No.1-No.5 rifleman will be used. Section 2IC, when a Corporal, will replace No.5 rifleman and will be placed in between No.2 and No.3 riflemen within the OOM; in this situation the Lance Corporal will be referenced to as the Gun Group Commander or Gun Grp Cmdr.

6. The ORBAT, equipment lists, and job descriptions will be updated to reflect this.

7. Game Master job description will be added.

The following points are repeated from a previous thread. (ref http://reddevilsarma.org/showthread.php?tid=450 )

6. Two extra SMGs will be added to each section. A total of three SMGs in the section should only be used when it makes sense to, otherwise 1-2 SMGs should be used.

7. A marksman role will be added to a rifleman. This role must not be fixed to one person and should be shared amongst the competent members of the rifle group.


1. https://scontent-lht6-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t...e=5C6C84FA 

2. https://scontent-lht6-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t...e=5C9C5FEA

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  Forum Account Updates
Posted by: B. Horner - 11-30-2018, 09:20 PM - No Replies

Forum accounts have been updated and user groups have been updated.

Most of this is invisible to you all, however, everyone now has a tag that assigns their rank.

With this new system, you can see (on the left) that I have an avatar and also my rank image. My rank is also displayed underneath my name.

This means you can now set your avatars to your heart's desire (follow the normal rules though).

We're working on making the rank images slightly smaller and ensuring everything looks beautiful.

NB If your account is broken in any way (I do mess up now and then) please get in contact and we will fix the issue. Going through everyone's account I'm sure I have made a mistake somewhere.

Is there anything you feel would be a good addition to the forums? Please check the splash page at http://reddevilsarma.org/ to see all of the updates we've done in ensuring information is up to date and accessible. 

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  6th GTB, 4th CSG changed to 6th AARR
Posted by: B. Horner - 11-18-2018, 04:52 PM - No Replies

The 6th Guards Tank Brigade, 4th Coldstream Guards, C Squadron will be changed to the 6th Airborne Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment, A Squadron.

This change comes with multiple points to note.
1. The Squadron's role has changed from an infantry supporting armour asset to now a reconnaissance element.
2. The Squadron will now be utilising Cromwell tanks rather than Churchill tanks.
3. The Squadron no longer uses Guard ranks.

The following changes to personnel have been made:

[Image: %5d%5d%5d%5d.png]

Acting Lance Sergeant Horsman is now an Acting Corporal. 
Note that this is not a promotion nor a demotion, just a change in title.

[Image: %5d%5d.jpg]

Guardsman F. Stangenberger is now Trooper F. Stangenberger.

[Image: %5d%5d.jpg]

Guardsman J. Weaver is now Trooper J. Weaver.

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  Personnel Update: Promotions
Posted by: B. Horner - 11-18-2018, 01:04 AM - No Replies

The following promotions have been made:

[Image: %5d%5d%5d%5d.png]
Acting Corporal M. Patterson has been promoted to Corporal.

Cpl. M. Patterson  has not changed role; he is the Section Commander for 1 Section, No.4 Platoon.

[Image: %5d%5d.jpg]

Recruit M. Bogey has been promoted to Private.

Pte. M. Bogey is assigned to 1 Section.

[Image: %5d%5d.jpg]

Recruit D. Thire has been promoted to Private.

Pte. D. Thire is assigned to 1 Section.

[Image: %5d%5d.jpg]

Recruit L. Phillips has been promoted to Private.

Pte. L. Phillips is assigned to 1 Section.

[Image: gds%5d%5d.png]

Recruit J. Weaver has been promoted to Guardsman.

Rct. J. Weaver is assigned to 11 Bandit, No.11 Troop.

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